Pledge drive report: Success, but…

We want to let you know about the great success we have had to date for our pledge drive to support both the Cactus Cafe and the plan that will save it in a manner that preserves its fundamental character.

The financial plan proposed by Friends of the Cactus Cafe calls for $36,000 to be raised for the Cactus through small individual contributions. In just four days and in response to just two emails, Cactus Cafe fans have pledged over $27,000 for this effort. Great job! But there are still many of you who have yet to demonstrate your support with a pledge and we need your help.

Your support is critically important right now. If you have not already done so, won't you please join the other Cactus fans who have pledged their support and help us reach our goal? Remember, your pledge is contingent on the University committing to keeping the Cactus Cafe open in a manner that meets all of the goals for the Cactus announced in the Guiding Concepts and will only become due upon that contingency being met.

Please make a pledge today. No amount is too small and every little bit helps. If you have already done so, many thanks! Please tell your friends and ask them to get on board.

We can do this! With your help, we can show the University administration that the Cactus Cafe we all know and love is what we want preserved.


Your Save the Cactus Cafe Team


Juan Gonzalez has announced a press conference for 1:30 this afternoon (Wednesday, May 19) in the Texas Union Board of Directors room.

This is the same 45-capacity space (immediately outside Andy Smith's lavish Executive Suite) where only 16 students were admitted to the April 30 BoD meeting, when Soncia Reagins-Lily read a statement from Gonzalez.

Naturally this announcement raises questions of propriety:

1. Given his copious lip service to student control of the Texas Union, will Dr. Gonzalez deem this a meeting of the BoD?

2. If so, how many members of the 2010-2011 Board will actually be present?

3. Andrew Nash has purportedly managed to get himself elected as the BoD's new 2010-2011 Chair. Who elected him, and by what vote tally?

4. Who else sits on the 2010-2011 Board? Who has replaced Basil Awad, Liam O'Rourke, Thomas Garza and other Board members whose terms have expired?

5. If this 1:30 meeting is passed off as an Executive Session of the Board, has it been authorized by the Board as a whole, as mandated by the Handbook of Operating Procedures?

6. If so, when will the Board as a whole meet to consider (that means ratify or negate) action taken by a sub-group of the Board, as mandated by the Handbook of Operating Procedures?

7. Has the Board yet received the annual report from Texas Union Director Andy Smith, due this past May 1 as mandated by the Handbook of Operating Procedures?

8. When will the Board meet to consider Mr. Smith's re-appointment, due June 1 as mandated by the Handbook of Operating Procedures?

Cactus Fans,

Beware that your pledge is contingent on the "Guiding concepts" and not the Cactus Cafe (that you know and love) This pledge drive Saves No Cactus at all. Amen