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KUT can make a “full save” of the Cactus Cafe by hiring Griff Luneburg

In February 2010, a day after the Texas Union announced plans to close the Cactus Cafe, I started a Facebook Group called “Save The Cactus Cafe (Austin, TX).” That group’s membership soon grew to 25,000. A separate Facebook “Fan Page” now has 9,000 followers. And in the seven months since that announcement, thousands more have committed their time, money, and have written to UT administrators in support of saving the Cactus Cafe.

Student affairs posts Cactus Cafe/KUT FAQ

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Just posted on the UT office for Student Affairs “Cactus Comments” blog:

Friends of Cactus Cafe Announces Pledge Drive Success


CONTACT: Reid Nelson
Email: pr@SaveTheCactusCafe.org
Website: http://www.SaveTheCactusCafe.org

Friends of Cactus Cafe Announces Pledge Drive Success

In one week, effort garners pledges of over $32,000 for first year and commitments for $98,000 over the next five years.

Austin, Texas, May 19, 2010 – Friends of the Cactus Cafe (FOTCC) today announced the results of the first week of its pledge drive to garner support for its business plan to preserve the fundamental character of the legendary venue by building on its current self-operating model, while adding programs for and programming by students. The announcement comes as UT Vice-president for Student Affairs, Juan González, is about to make a recommendation regarding the future of the music venue later today.

Pledge drive report: Success, but…

We want to let you know about the great success we have had to date for our pledge drive to support both the Cactus Cafe and the plan that will save it in a manner that preserves its fundamental character.

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